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Curious about cancellations? Scroll to the bottom of the page and check out our 30-day guarantee

Monthly Membership

$400 per month on an automated recurring payment plan

We highly advise against using this plan, as 1 month is nowhere near long enough to see true progress. As much as we would love you to stay on this plan for a year and make an extra $2100 off of you, why not use a discounted commitment-based memberships and save that cash?

This membership would be useful if you want to get one month worth of feedback on training you're writing on your own otherwise.

3-Month Membership

$325/month when you commit to 3 months of coaching.

This saves you $75/month and $900/year

6-Month Membership

$250/month when you commit to 6 months of coaching

This saves you $150/month and $1800/year.

Eligible for our 1-Month Guarantee*

Yearly Membership

$225/month when you commit to 12 months of coaching.

This saves you $175/month and $2100/year.

Eligible for our 1-Month Guarantee*

▶️ 1-Month Guarantee ◀️

If you you join a 6-12 month commitment decide any time prior to your second payment that you are not getting what you wanted, you may cancel your membership with no additional cost. You just need to let us know and we will cancel your next payment and that will be that!

▶️ The Accountability Cancellation Policy ◀️

We pride ourselves in providing logical pricing solutions, which is why all of our memberships allow for month-to-month payments, but increasing discounts based on commitment length. Our cancellation policy is built-in accountability to complete your commitment to yourself.

All we ask for is your commitment to a length of time and if you want to cancel mid-commitment, you will be charged as if you used the closest shorter commitment length
. Any amount of time used after a payment is considered a full month, as we continue providing service until that month ends.

(Closest Shorter Commitment Price - Your Price) x Months Used = Amount Charged

Example 1:
You sign up for a 6-month membership and start paying $250 per month

You decide to cancel after you've paid for month 4 🥲

You will be charged for those 4 months as such:

(3-Month Price [$325] - Your Price [$250]) x 4 months = $300

Important: If you complete your full commitment, you're eligible for the same discounted price month-to-month with no continued commitment. So there is no cancellation charge following a completed commitment.

If you have any questions, please send us an email at

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