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Online Performance Rehab

FortitudeRx offers remote performance rehab coaching for those outside of our local Birmingham market. 

  • Wellness services focused on exercise and program modification, exercise suggestions, recovery and mobility coaching, 

  • We get to know you, your preferences, and your body for maximum results

  • For athletes, weekend warriors, or anyone wanting to move and feel better

  • Virtual rehab allows ultimate convenience 

  • Efficient, evidence-based practice

  • Allows you to learn how to reduce pain and improve performance independently

  • As reported by clients, FortitudeRx rehab coaching frequently resolves years-long issues that have not been resolved via PTs, chiropractors, or doctors. 

Please note: No remote services outside of Alabama are medical in nature, as they are defined as "wellness" services and not "physical therapy"

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Coaching & Consultation

Monthly detailed and personalized rehab coaching. This service comes with a telehealth diagnostic of your mobility, injury concerns, exercise technique assessment, and more.

This is a wellness service that includes coaching in program load management, mobility, exercise modification, biomechanics adjustment, and education. 

We often see clients eliminate pain and get back to normal within 1-2 months on this plan. FRxCircle is built into this plan ($25 value monthly).

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Perfect for those needing a little bit of guidance. This 30-minute rehab consultation provides suggestions for corrective exercises, program modification, exercise modification, and mobility needs analysis.

This service is not on-going coaching, but is useful for those looking for low-cost help with improving performance and decreasing pain.

This service pairs well with an FRxCircle membership to get questions answered as you progress on your own.




Athletic Control

Coming soon. Our athletic control program is designed to challenge your balance, mobility, proprioception, full body control, and strength in multiple positions. It is like next-level yoga for athletes and those wanting to perform like one.

Upper body and lower body programs will be offered. Cervical/thoracic spine covered in upper body and lumbar spine covered in the lower body. Each program will take you through 12 weeks of specific movements that will improve joint mobility, reduce pain and stiffness, increase strength in previously weak positions, teach you how to control your body while fatigued, improve balance and proprioception, and decrease injury risk factors.

Yours to keep and repeat as often as you like with free lifetime updates to the program. Each purchase comes with 3 months in the FRxCircle community in case you need any help along the way ($75 value free!)

Warning: This isn't your weird neighbor's yoga. You'll be utilizing advanced techniques to get real results fast. It's going to challenge you, but your results will make up for it.

Coming Soon



If you're considering our remote wellness services, you may benefit from the Elite Total Health Optimization System, our comprehensive health coaching program that includes rehab built-in to maximize your long-term results.

Our flagship program, ETHOS, is designed with your total health and resilience in mind. Unlocking your potential both physically and mentally for improvements in strength, cardiovascular fitness, body composition, behavior and habit modification, stress resilience, and more.

The ETHOS method is available to individuals, as well as families and corporate teams, because those that have a supportive and unified environment typically achieve the best results. Our methods are effective both in-person and remotely!

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