• Tyler Campbell, PT, DPT, CSCS, NCI1

Your Resilience Prescription: The Powerful 4-Step Framework For Health, Life, and Business

Are you an executive, entrepreneur, or leader that has made great strides in your career or business, but now find yourself spread too thin to fully invest in your health, relationships, and happiness?

Perhaps you find yourself with no time to devote to your own health and fitness, you aren’t present when you’re with your family, or you’re finding it difficult to enjoy your work and lead effectively.

If so, you aren’t alone.

As a budding Doctor of Physical Therapy, I was ready to enter the workforce with ferocity, believing that I would be able to make huge impacts on patient's lives. PT always ranks highest amongst “job satisfaction” reports and it must be because we make a big impact, right?

I had spent years preparing, only to realize the reality of patient care and its limitations. I won’t get into the details of why insurance-based clinics can lead to decreased patient care and practitioner burnout. Despite the hard work, despite the years (and money) spent getting my degree and license… I wouldn’t be able to make the impact on peoples’ lives the way I had imagined.

At least not if I followed a traditional path.

Like you, I created my own path and I started a hybrid health and personal performance business. I know from this experience that it’s difficult to stay present in all areas of your life when trying to start up and run a business. Let me know if this sounds familiar:

  • There are a billion things to do and learn. But never enough time to feel accomplished, let alone make sure you’re there for your loved-ones, enjoy your passions, or relax.

  • You’re always running your business. There are no 40-hour per week high-performance jobs. Even if you’re not “available” for work, your mind is always there.

  • Late nights, early mornings, and missed meals.

  • Being bombarded with tasks, conversations, team dynamics, and productivity needs while already running on fumes.

  • A shrinking mental bandwidth as your open-door policy makes your team come to you for everything instead of developing independent critical thinking.

These things add up. Even if you know what you’re supposed to do for your own physical and mental health, the stress and anxiety of your obligations always seem to win.

I know you feel the same way!

And unfortunately, being in charge does not mean you’re in control.

Over time, or even suddenly, you look up and see you’re not in control or enjoying your work or life, despite all the hard work it took to get to where you are today. You’ve lost focus and ignored your own health and well-being. It’s an easy trap to fall into, but it’s not so easy to recognize it and get out.

I have a simple and effective solution that focuses on aligning your goals with your actions. After working with hundreds of patients and clients, I have discovered:

The solution lies in your ability to implement systems that free up time and use effective strategies that actually align with your goals.

To get real results and achieve mastery in all areas of life, focusing on systems and not quick fixes is the path to success. Developing effective systems requires 4 key components, which I base on my background as a Doctor of Physical Therapy.

That’s why I believe that every high-performance leader needs a Resilience Prescription that allows for predictable outcomes based on systems of change and not quick fixes. I created this system based on my background as a Doctor of Physical Therapy and I call it the E4 framework.

Within my system, The ETHOS Method, we create lasting change in all areas with the E4 framework:

  1. Evaluate: You cannot start a project without knowing the barriers to entry. Identify the harmful and unnecessary habits, routines, and thoughts and you will be able to follow your roadmap to success.

  2. Eliminate: Remove the roadblocks (those beliefs, habits, and ineffective strategies that have held you back). Maximize the use of your time by decluttering work and life. Avoid spinning your wheels on efforts that are getting you nowhere. This requires an honest evaluation of what is useful and what is not.

  3. Elevate: Integrate new habits in a stair-step pattern to support sustainability, avoid quick-fix tactics, and use expert guidance. Integrating health and personal performance should complement your life, not take away from it.

  4. Engage: Develop routines, track your progress, and arm yourself with expert coaching, resources, support, and accountability to maximize your success. Enjoy the process and your progress.

So how do you go about doing this? It begins with the hardest part: Asking yourself tough questions and being honest with yourself.

Am I as healthy or fit as I want to be?

Am I performing well mentally and physically?

Am I leading my team optimally?

Am I giving enough of myself to my loved ones?

Am I maximizing my time here?

Knowing the answers to these questions means that you will be able to pinpoint exactly what areas you need to work on and how much time and effort to dedicate to each area.

Obviously, that’s easier said than done.

You can’t suddenly get fit, perform well, be present, and lead effectively without a ton of dedicated effort and time. Between reading, endless trial-and-error (let’s be honest, it’s mostly error), various diets and coaching programs, relationship counseling, leadership and personality assessments, and routine visits to your physical therapist or chiropractor...

I don’t know who has the time for all that.

That’s why I’ve created The ETHOS Method for high-performance leaders and those that strive to reach the highest standard of performance in both business and life. ETHOS is a health and executive performance coaching system. It combines science-backed concepts of health, fitness, and personal development with a coaching experience that's grounded in empathy and honesty. We follow a no-nonsense approach. You won’t find fad diets, detoxes, magic crystals, time-wasting exercises, or dogma here. Only effective and sustainable systems that drive you towards success like a guided missile. All while developing the skills to be present and grounded when it matters the most.

The coaching process is successful because it empowers clients to draw on internal strengths, develop knowledge and discipline, and use self-management strategies to build the habits that are necessary to optimize health, performance, and leadership.

Results-driven and science-backed, we execute on a collaborative plan that guides you and motivates you to become the best version of yourself.

If you’d like, let’s hop on a quick phone call together to see if ETHOS is right for you.

Just book a time to chat that works for you here:

During that call, we’ll look at your goals and how you could start making real, sustainable progress in your health, personal performance, and leadership. Then we'll discuss what your best next steps would be, if you decide to pursue this strategy.

Spots are limited, and there’s zero obligation to work with me, but if we do end up being a good fit, then here’s what will happen:

I will invite you to become a private client of mine and I can coach and support you through the straightforward, effective system that maximizes your health and performance so that you can stay active, feel strong, reduce stress, and enjoy your life, all while watching your business thrive.

I look forward to speaking with you!


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