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The Sasquatch Body: Finding The Missing Link To Control Your Health & Fitness and Keep Your Results

Updated: Mar 6

The Sasquatch Body

Are you looking for the missing link that no one wants to talk about in health and fitness? The big hairy blur caught on camera that’s going to make everything snap into place? I’m talking about the thing that’s central to all of your potential success. I can give it to you. I can do like they do on NCIS and enhance that picture to show you the ugly beast in full 4K HD resolution.

You just have to promise me one thing: That you won’t let it float out the other ear the moment you click away and see the next thing on your feed.

Agreed? Okay let’s get to the bottom of this mystery.

The Missing Link

It’s fashionable in health and fitness to claim that you have the secret ingredient to all the results you could ever possibly need. In fact, I just did it to you.

There are dudes out there eating literal raw cow liver and testicles in the name of living a “primal” lifestyle and maximizing health somehow (whilst taking PEDs), selling programs and supplements to people who are not aware and are susceptible to outlandish information in the name of finding the secret stuff.

There are pyramid schemes of waist shrinkers, fit teas, and cleanses peddled by fit women who did nothing of the sort to get fit.

There are countless examples of how and why the health and fitness industry is seen as shill-y and shady.

The FDA doesn’t regulate any of this, so anyone can claim almost anything. That’s why you get the warning that “these claims have not been evaluated by the FDA”. Anyone can claim that they’ve discovered the one secret to health, longevity, strength, vitality, and a demigod body.

Hell, you probably clicked on this looking for that one thing that’s going to change your understanding of all of this and get you those results finally. It’s because the “one thing” sells you a click to get you in front of me.

You may even be reading this because you’re skeptical and want to prove me wrong. Doesn’t matter. I sold you that click and now here you are, consuming my information.

But that’s the thing, consuming information. It’s not what you need to get results. There are countless forms of online media to consume information on health, diet, and exercise. Podcasts, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, etc. Public health initiatives have poured billions into research, outreach, and education.

There is even an abundance of real experts giving great information on a daily basis. They have given you the formulas and they’re readily available for you to use and see awesome results.

But decreased fitness and the diseases and dysfunctions related to it are still consistently rising. Weight gain, depression, weakness/frailty, hormone dysregulation, lethargy, chronic pain, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, decreased confidence, etc.

And we’re inundated with information on what we should do to improve our health and fitness. But I bet you can see patterns in what actually works. Even if there are more commercials and ads for fast food and prescription pills being shoved in our faces than ever, you still know what you’re supposed to do:

  • Increase physical activity. Exercise harder on some days, easier on others, including resistance and cardiovascular training

  • Eat mostly healthful, nutritious foods (lean protein, vegetables, fruits, grains, and some healthy fats)

  • But allow some wiggle room for enjoying other foods and social events

  • Have a regular meal frequency and schedule

  • Consume fewer overall calories than you expend to lose weight

  • Drink mostly water and zero calorie beverages

  • Cook meals at home and meal prep for the week in some capacity

  • Reduce hyper-palatable food consumption (usually fat + sugar)

  • Consume adequate protein to support muscle maintenance and growth

A systematic review of 52 studies in 2020 by Paixão et al found that people that exhibited very similar behaviors to my list here were the most likely to have long-term success in fat loss efforts. My list is actually even slightly more complicated than theirs.

That’s literally a list of things you already know and a comprehensive list of things that will result in the body you want. What that means is that you already know exactly how to succeed. I can even link you to a free calorie and protein-needs calculator, a free exercise program, and a free MyFitnessPal account to track food.

Is this the part where I ask you what your excuse is, tough guy/girl?

No, it’s the part where we acknowledge together how little you need to “know” in order to succeed.

So, how is it that fitness influencers (a.k.a. today’s Zumba infomercials) come up with, and profit from, providing a constant barrage of new information, workouts, programs, and diets? And why is it that we eat it up and consume that information, all to a net zero effect on our health, fitness, or happiness?

The first question is rhetorical, I don’t know how they pull some of that stuff out of thin ass (is that the saying?)

For the second question… we eat it up because we think that because we spin our wheels and struggle to see progress, then we must be missing some tactic that successful people use.

Could it be instead that… more information is not the missing link? Maybe, what we need is not new tactics of dieting, "corrective" exercises, lifting programs, excessive information gathering, or motivational videos. But instead… a new method of building habits, behaviors, and beliefs that lead you to become the person that successfully integrates the list above into their life over the long haul. Even "discipline" and "willpower" are mostly useless ideas to those that don't have that part done first. I’m not fit because I know things that you don’t.

I’m not even fit because I’m the type of person that easily implements information that I learn. I'm not fit because I have more willpower than you.

I am fit because I’m the person that developed habits, behaviors, and beliefs a long time ago and aimed them towards my goals systematically:

And no, I’m not taking MJ’s Secret Stuff (even though that was just water in Space Jam, which is another great topic on placebos for a later date).

The one real secret is that getting fit and healthy is not complicated at all. And anyone can do it. It’s just not easy. Because changing the beliefs about yourself to align with your goal version of yourself means being introspective and honest with what needs to change. What do you think is more powerful? Fighting yourself to copy the actions of a random fit person while still holding onto the beliefs that nothing works for you… or becoming the person that makes decisions that align with your goals more frequently over time?

Starting with just the concrete information, diet, or program causes your beliefs to deflect those actions only resulting in miniscule results that are disappointing and therefore unsustainable.

But if you start at the source and change your beliefs about diet, exercise, health, pain, mobility, and yourself, you will be able to affect your results to an exponentially greater degree.

How do we actually make these changes?

A system of change requires uncovering the things that are holding you back, first and foremost. You can’t start making big life changes without knowing your personal roadblocks, non-negotiables, needs, environmental factors, and history. This is where an evaluation and being introspective is of paramount importance, if you want long term success.

Once you know and accept what’s holding you back, eliminating those roadblocks is your next order of action. It means recognizing self-defeating beliefs, automatic negative thoughts, actions that don’t support your goals, and more. These are all mental roadblocks that keep you from moving forward. Habits and environmental factors often solidify these beliefs. But so do things like reading contradictory fitness and health information constantly.

Only after you’ve uncovered the primary issues and begun eliminating the funk will you be in a position of accepting and utilizing new information. This is when you elevate yourself with new beliefs through goal-setting, a solid plan that aligns with your preferences, and habits and actions that lead to physical progress. Once you’ve begun to see that your physical progress is matching how you mentally view yourself, you will have a renewed sense of control surrounding your health and fitness. Finally, engaging with your environment will purposefully challenge your newly held belief system, so that you have the opportunity to win will solidify new habits and behaviors. Reach into the competitive mindset and allow yourself the feeling of accomplishing your goals. Prove to yourself how you can decide to enjoy “junk” food at the office every once in a while without feeling guilty and derailing your diet. Prove to yourself that you are able to take your own goals seriously, but not lose sight of what’s important to you. People don’t feel good because they’ve lost body fat or gained muscle or developed an unhealthy obsession with fitness, they feel good because they’ve achieved control over themselves and their environment.

Notice how none of these steps include a magical potion, diet, or exercise program. The basics work exceedingly well, it’s just knowing how to make them stick that’s the issue most trainers, coaches, and medical professionals have.

My health strategies and coaching are developed with all of this in mind. In fact, the method I just described to you is my E4 Effectthat we use in my Elite Total Health Optimization System (ETHOS).

If you’ve been stuck in your fitness journey, whether it’s from a lack of fat loss, muscle gain, or performance, then ETHOS may be right for you. This is true health and fitness coaching with accountability, support, and community at the forefront to maximize your potential and chances of success.

Of course, we provide everything you could possibly need from an exercise, nutrition, and mobility standpoint too, crafted by a physical therapist/strength coach/nutrition coach (me) and a world-class powerlifting coach and assistant coaches. That’s the information stage. But we know the true power is in our direct coaching of mindset and belief systems, the support and accountability, and community aspects of ETHOS.

If you would like, I offer a free 20-minute RapidRx session to determine some of your most limiting roadblocks and get you moving in the right direction.

These calls are no pressure and include zero sales tactics. If it seems like we might be a good fit for each other, we can discuss what it would look like to work with me. Otherwise, let’s just get you moving in the right direction! To setup your free call, head over to and pick a day/time that works for you. If you can't find a good time, feel free to contact me at and let's figure something out.

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