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Les Keyes developed his Strength & Performance Systems over a decade of coaching strength athletes of all calibers, ranging from beginners to world-class athletes squatting and deadlifting north of 900 lbs. Regardless of your size, shape, age, gender, or experience, we have the expertise to get you stronger and perform at your best. Between your coaches, we have decades upon decades of experience under the bar, on the platform, and in the coaching trenches. 

Your coaching team is lead by Les Keyes and Dr. Tyler Campbell along with assistance coach Jonathan Oldham. When you sign up, you will be assigned to multiple coaches to maximize your results.

The difference between the FortitudeRx x LKSS coaching experience and others is that when you work with us, you have multiple sets of coaching eyes on you at all times. When you sign up, you will be matched with a primary coach based on your needs, personality, and goals, plus 1-2 support coaches. That way, you're always taken care of. Our years of hands-on coaching allows us to analyze your form via video submission daily to improve your biomechanics for performance and injury risk reduction. You also have a community of like-minded individuals, accountability and support, and even more access to your coaches.

While powerlifting and strength may be our specialty, we have focused extensively on muscle building and general fitness as well. Any goal, accessible to anyone. You just have to come in ready to do the work.

Coaching comes with access to the FRxCircle community, a private coaching channel, access to multiple coaches, unlimited lifting form analysis, virtual check-ins, and more.


  • Consultation to discover goals, needs, and current situation

  • Custom program developed each week based on your training performance

  • FRxCircle coaching community and private portal

  • Mobility programming, exercise modification, and recovery protocols via Dr. Campbell




Please select your coaching choice below. We have a special offer when bundling strength and nutrition coaching to save you $100/month! Ensuring proper nutrition for recovery, performance, weight class shifts (if applicable), and health is paramount in developing your strength and fitness. Cover your bases, make more progress.

Each coaching client will receive a consultation to determine needs, preferences, goals, and ability to perform the necessary actions for meeting these goals. We look forward to working with you to help you exceed your goals!





"Les took me under his wing two years ago. It’s been an amazing journey being an athlete of his. He’s smart and he’s humble. But Les’ biggest trait is he genuinely cares about your well-being. Your mentality, the way you see yourself, your outlook and perspective. He is truly a coach who cares and wants the best for you. Les isn’t just a coach, he’s family to me."

 - Jonathan

"I've been with Les for over two years now. When I met him, I was trying to find my way and put my life back together. He told me something that will forever stick with me! 'Life changes sometimes and we just have to change with it, but I promise you I won't let you do it alone and I'll always have your back.' Til this day he's been a man of his word!

- Donte

"Les has been my coach for two years. In that two years, I've gained tons of strength physically. We've managed to put roughly 340 lbs on my total... I had no clue what I would end up with when I hired Les. I now know that I have a coach and a friend for life who will also coach my kids when it's their turn!

- Danny

"I very much appreciate what we've accomplished together… You got me out of a huge slump that had lasted years. I am 25 lbs down, maintaining this weight loss in spite of [increased stressors], have made good diet changes that are lasting, and I’m in better shape. I had to go out and buy new jeans as I’m 2 waist sizes down."

"One of the best decisions I made within the past year was asking Les to be my coach. He's a true gem, 10/10 would recommend.

- Addison

"I’ve been recommending you to everyone I know…I believe the services you are providing are the best option available and I am very grateful to be a client...I’m not aware of anyone else actually applying this much detailed effort to their profession"

- Todd

- Shawn

"I truly feel that he's alongside me throughout this journey. I look forward to seeking strong new horizons of strength under his guidance and support. Les is more than a coach, he's a friend, and a brother. He's family. I can't imagine being coached by any other.

"I was a little hesitant at first since I would only be able to talk to Les virtually since I live in Florida and him in Alabama. But I am so glad that I went through with it. Les has coached me now for the last 7 months and it has been great!

- CJ

- Adam

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