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Head Powerlifting & Fitness Coach

Les Keyes is FortitudeRx's head strength coach and the primary coach behind The Strength Architect performance system. Les has developed his coaching systems over years of practical application working with athletes remotely and in-person. He has helped hundreds of athletes ranging from children to masters, as well as beginner to international elite lifters. Les has taken multiple already-elite lifters and developed them into world-level competitors.

Les has a passion for cultivating resilient mindsets in his athletes. This comes from developing his own elite strength and his 10+ years of experience helping competitive athletes achieve their goals. Before working with athletes in the weight room, he began his coaching career by offering private baseball lessons. Les spent 2 years in a clinic as a physical therapy aide, giving him an eye for developing programs with injury prevention in mind.

Whether you're a competitive powerlifter, recreational athlete, or weekend warrior, Les has the expertise to help you become the strongest version of yourself and exceed your goals, on or off the platform. 

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