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Powerlifting Coach

Johnathan Oldham has been an athlete of coach Les Keyes for over five years and he has been a coach with Les Keyes Strength Systems for over a year, helping over 50 athletes crush their goals. Johnathan works full-time as a firefighter and paramedic, coaching athletes out of passion for the sport of powerlifting and other's growth and success.

With the grueling and strenuous scenarios that his full-time job presents, Johnathan prides himself on mental fortitude and not only instilling physical strength in his athletes, but making them mentally strong and confident to push their limits.

Johnathan is an elite level powerlifter, ranking Top 25 in the WRPF's 275 lb class. He found his love for weight training late in high school after growing up as a soccer player and place kicker. Johnathan found his love for powerlifting while playing collegiate rugby at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, where he was eager to put on size and strength to be competitive. Competing in his first powerlifting competition in 2013, he totaled 1,345 lbs. He has since competed in 10 meets, earning his most recent total at an enormous 2,022 lbs at just under 255 lbs bodyweight, squatting 849 lbs, benching 424 lbs, and deadlifting 749 lbs. 

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