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FRxCircle is a private members-only coaching portal and community. It is your one-stop shop for the all the expert advice that you need to feel awesome and perform at your best.

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Do you ever have questions about:

  • Getting rid of that nagging back/knee/shoulder pain?

  • Whether to worry about that clicking or popping noise?

  • Which fat loss nutrition information to believe?

  • When to focus on recovery vs. when to push forward?

  • Modifying exercises and programs to avoid pain?

  • How to form habits that lead to long-term success?

  • Implementing mindset shifts to reach real goals?

  • The best lifting form for your own body’s leverages?

  • Finding balance to improve all areas of your life?

  • How much posture really matters?

  • Finding diet success even while eating out?

  • How to optimize sleep?

  • Adjusting your exercise for travel?

  • How to even start a sustainable diet?

  • Dieting for maximum performance and muscle gain?

  • …and about a billion other things?


FRxCircle exists for several reasons. One is to provide our on-going clients and patients a supportive community where they can receive a real concierge coaching experience throughout their time with us. Another is that we wanted to provide a way to continue giving advice and accountability after they finish their coaching or treatment cycle. Most are left with no real information about how to continue progressing on their own, so having a low-cost option allows them to continue having access to us for questions, concerns, and feedback.

And finally, we wanted to create a bridge option for those that are either: 1) Just learning we exist and are unsure about our methods or 2) Need a low-cost option for an introductory level of coaching in our areas of expertise before moving up to our more personalized solutions. FRxCircle is a great opportunity to get into our world of coaching and see how we interact with our clients and what we do for them. We want you to get as much value as you can out of our services and that means building trust first!

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And frankly, not everything needs a full trip to see your physical therapist, chiropractor, doctor, or spiritual healer. Sometimes all that you need is a few simple questions answered and you can go on to implement some ideas on your own, while checking back in to make sure you're on the right path towards your health & fitness.

And we all know hearing, “If it hurts, stop doing it” from a doctor is wildly unhelpful and unrealistic. We’re built to be strong and adaptable. We have the strategies to get you feeling, moving, and looking awesome (however you define that).

That’s where FRxCircle comes in. We’ve been in the position of being unsure about pain and injuries, nutrition, exercise modification, etc. wondering whether we need to go fork out a bunch of money to resolve a small issue. Or whether the coaches we're considering hiring have any idea about what they're talking about!

The problem we've seen is a lack of services available to combat those issues and keep them from eventually becoming costly (to both our wallet and our performance).

So we’ve developed this community as our coaching portal for clients and to give others a low-cost but effective option for getting exercise, nutrition, rehab, health, performance mindset, and lifestyle questions answered so that you know how to address issues and goals on your own, with some extra guidance and support to make sure things run smoothly.

NOTE: When you become a coaching client of FortitudeRx, you will be automatically enrolled into the Circle, as it is built into your price. This is where all coach/client communication will take place!




> 24-hour turnaround text-based Q&A on fitness, nutrition, strength, rehab, mindset, lifestyle integration, etc.

> Rehab guidance and consultations available for free or highly discounted, depending on membership level

> Video submission lifting form analysis for both reducing injury risk factors and performance optimization

> Expert coaching tips, suggestions, and protocols for improving mobility, recovery, strength/fitness program modification, and exercise modification for working around injuries

> Ever-expanding resources such as meal prep guides, rehab protocol library, recovery modality education, mobility programming, and more



> Discounts on many FortitudeRx services!


> Giveaway challenges!


Our Membership Tiers

Note: If you are a coach, we would love to help your clients as part of your team and your offer to them. We offer discounted team rates!
(5 client per team minimum)


Stop discussing your health, fitness, and pains with random dudes in the gym, Instagram influencers, or healthcare providers that tell you to stop doing things you love to do and start getting legitimate advice from real experts that you can apply to your own life and training.

The goal of the Circle is to
over-deliver on value so that you’ll tell your friends, co-workers, and the world about FortitudeRx and the community.

Our paid tiers are
totally full of value, from both a coaching service and content standpoint, but these tiers also have the opportunity to enter giveaways and cash-prize challenges.

For well-under $50 per month, you can get coaching from world-class strength & conditioning coaches, a Doctor of Physical Therapy, nutrition & health coach, to make sure you're on the top of your game and improving consistently. Whether you're a competitive athlete or you feel you're "past your prime" and could use the tools and support to get back to peak form, FRxCircle has the answers you need. 

We're told to invest in our health and fitness all the time (and that's smart), but sometimes that means paying an exorbitant amount. Not here though! We wanted to make that investment accessible to everyone to ensure you're on the right track, feeling awesome, and moving optimally. Check out our tiered system of access below to see the value we provide to our members! There's a level for everyone, but if you're unsure of where you might get the most value, or if you have any other questions, please contact us at

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