THE Athlete Architect
Performance System

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Coach Tyler Campbell

The New Paradigm
In ELITE Powerlifting

The Athlete Architect Performance System is the only coaching system designed specifically for Elite, aspiring Elite, and Masters powerlifters.

It combines expert coaching and programming in the areas of training, nutrition, recovery, and mindset to cover the full spectrum of high-level athlete needs.

Elite and Masters athletes require higher attention to detail in order to make substantial progress, mitigate injury risk, and perform at their highest potential.

This system is simply not made for beginner, intermediate, or even advanced-intermediate lifters.

Athlete Architect was built to give our athletes full control of their performance through the total alignment of both athlete and coaching efforts.

We do this by:

Dialing in nutritional periodization to support maximal performance and body composition

Assessing biomechanics and adapting programming to improve form and force output

Monitoring biofeedback to better understand individual training, recovery, and nutritional trends

Developing personalized mobility protocols to reduce pain, improve form, and enhance recovery

Coaching the mindset that separates you from 2nd place to 1st place

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If you've been in powerlifting long enough to be competitive, you know the importance of proper programming that is personalized, adaptable, and effective.

Our years of experience in competitive powerlifting and coaching, along with rehab and exercise science, has allowed our athletes to hit consistent PRs while avoiding pain and enjoying what they're doing.

We pride ourselves in making sure that lifting is both fun and effective. "Fun" is relative, of course, but if you're here, you likely know what we mean. You're competitive and like a challenge.



The Athlete Architect system comes equipped with full nutrition coaching for fat loss, weight class adjustments and maintenance, longevity, and performance. 

Nutritional periodization is the concept of appropriately timing and adapting nutrition to training demands, competition seasons, and events to maximize recovery and performance.

We do not subscribe to any diet fads, detoxes, fit teas, or otherwise. You will be provided with appropriate nutrition dedicated to keeping you healthy. During our consultation process, we will discuss your preferences, history, and goals as they pertain to nutrition, body weight, and performance.



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When you're an elite athlete at the top of the game, or a Masters athlete looking to continue to dominate regardless of age, you understand how important recovery and mobility is to staying in this game.

We provide full rehab, recovery, and mobility coaching to all of our athletes for no extra cost. This was previously offered at $300/month as a separate service.

That means that you will no longer need to seek out physical therapy or chiropractic work (unless you want to spend that money), because we're going to give you everything you need to take care of it in the gym and at home.

We generally get athletes moving and feeling 100% better than any hands-on or medical treatment.


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Mindset, like any physical coaching, is different for everyone. We provide mental performance coaching to athletes in order to improve their confidence, resiliency, and attitude to maximize their performance on and off the platform.

Whether you're already a mental ace or you struggle with the mind games the iron (and life) can play on you, having a mindset coach in your corner is invaluable.

We go above and beyond for our athletes to make sure that half the battle is already won leading into a competition.


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Coach LES KEYES and Julius Maddox, All-Time
Bench Press World Record Holder


Undecided on this section. Can be the process of getting started (apply, consultation, etc.), can be RAM described, can be something else or not here at all.

Experienced expert coaching
Consistent communication
Personalized and fully aligned systems
Team environment
Accountability towards your goals
Increased energy

Improved capacity to handle stress
Better movement without pain
Increased strength
Increased hypertrophy
Reduced body fat
Enhanced recovery
Improved biofeedback
...and much more​

All Without:

Being left in the dark
Wishing for better coach communication
Giving up the foods you love

Frequenting your PT or chiropractic clinic
Hiring separate and misaligned services
Getting a templated program
Fake Artificial Intelligence programming
Uneducated and inexperienced coaches



"Les took me under his wing two years ago. It’s been an amazing journey being an athlete of his. He’s smart and he’s humble. But Les’ biggest trait is he genuinely cares about your well-being. Your mentality, the way you see yourself, your outlook and perspective. He is truly a coach who cares and wants the best for you. Les isn’t just a coach, he’s family to me."

 - Jonathan

"I truly feel that he's alongside me throughout this journey. I look forward to seeking strong new horizons of strength under his guidance and support. Les is more than a coach, he's a friend, and a brother. He's family. I can't imagine being coached by any other.

- Adam

"I've been with Les for over two years now. When I met him, I was trying to find my way and put my life back together. He told me something that will forever stick with me! 'Life changes sometimes and we just have to change with it, but I promise you I won't let you do it alone and I'll always have your back.' Til this day he's been a man of his word!

- Donte

"One of the best decisions I made within the past year was asking Les to be my coach. He's a true gem, 10/10 would recommend.

- Addison

"I was a little hesitant at first since I would only be able to talk to Les virtually since I live in Florida and him in Alabama. But I am so glad that I went through with it. Les has coached me now for the last 7 months and it has been great!

- CJ

"Les has been my coach for two years. In that two years, I've gained tons of strength physically. We've managed to put roughly 340 lbs on my total... I had no clue what I would end up with when I hired Les. I now know that I have a coach and a friend for life who will also coach my kids when it's their turn!

- Danny

"I’ve been recommending you to everyone I know…I believe the services you are providing are the best option available and I am very grateful to be a client...I’m not aware of anyone else actually applying this much detailed effort to their profession"

- Todd

"I very much appreciate what we've accomplished together… You got me out of a huge slump that had lasted years. I am 25 lbs down, maintaining this weight loss... I have made good diet changes that are lasting, and I’m in better shape. I had to go out and buy new jeans as I’m 2 waist sizes down."

- Shawn

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