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Concierge Rehab & Recovery

FortitudeRx concierge performance rehab & recovery services are designed for clients seeking a premium service for ultimate convenience and results.

  • All sessions are completed with a Doctor of Physical Therapy

  • We get to know you, your preferences, and your body for maximum results

  • For athletes, weekend warriors, or anyone wanting to move and feel better

  • Mobile physical therapy to meet you at home or work

  • Efficient, evidence-based practice

  • Ultimate convenience, ultimate results

All new clients must be evaluated prior to receiving treatment.

Evaluation & Treatment

Required prior to receiving Treatment or R3 sessions, this is an initial 60-minute session with your Doctor of Physical Therapy.

It is needed to assess your history, current situation, goals, preferences, and needs moving into a treatment cycle.


Premium performance concierge physical therapy and rehab delivered to you!

60-minute treatment session with a Doctor of Physical Therapy designed for pain relief, movement optimization, and more
in your home or office.

You must be evaluated prior to receiving treatment.


R3 Sessions

Relax / Restore / Recharge

Relax, Restore, & Recharge with our dedicated manual therapy session.

This is a highly-focused 40-minute session filled with manual therapy, deep tissue and trigger point massage, instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization, PNF stretching, and more.

Great for recovery, stress relief, inflammation reduction, and feeling like a noodle afterwards. Like all other services, R3 sessions are personalized to your needs, preferences, and tolerances.


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Buy More

Save More

We offer increasingly discounted prices when purchasing multiple treatment sessions at once. You must have an evaluation completed prior to purchasing these packages. If you have not already done so, please contact us to get started!



Payment plans available for each with a small surcharge. Contact for more information.


Preferred Membership

Preferred Members receive extensive discounts throughout the year and have advanced scheduling access. Evaluations are built into this membership as well.

Here's What You Get Each Month:

Up to 4 treatment sessions at $40 off ($135 each)
Up to 1 telehealth sessions at $20 off ($70 each)
Up to 1 R3 Session at $25 off ($100 each)
1 FRxCircle Membership ($25/month)

1 Evaluation Per 3 Months ($150 value each)
Preferential Scheduling

That's $840 in savings every 3 months! 

Click a membership length below to become a Preferred Member! Paid-in-full prices listed.



24/7 Access To 1:1 Private Coaching Channel
24-Hour Turnaround Text-Based Q&A
Access to Weekly Group Q&A Calls
Exercise & Lifting Form Analysis
Mobile App With Digital Plan
Mobility Programming
Educational Resources
Lifestyle Integration Tools
Accountability & Support Mechanisms



If you're considering our rehab services, you may benefit from the Elite Total Health Optimization System, our comprehensive health coaching program that includes rehab built-in to maximize your long-term results.

Our flagship program, ETHOS, is designed with your total health and resilience in mind. Unlocking your potential both physically and mentally for improvements in strength, cardiovascular fitness, body composition, behavior and habit modification, stress resilience, and more.

The ETHOS method is available to individuals, as well as families and corporate teams, because those that have a supportive and unified environment typically achieve the best results.

Click the button below to learn more about what ETHOS method can provide to you and your tribe.


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