Integrated Health Coaching

FortitudeRx's premium health coaching services utilize evidence-based practice that focuses on creating sustainable progress without flipping your life upside-down. We offer guided coaching and comprehensive coaching, depending on what level of direction you need. Whether you're looking to shed some pounds, pack on muscle, improve your mindset around food, improve mobility, reduce stress, or adopt new health behaviors, FortitudeRx has you covered.

Guided coaching is for those looking for a personalized plan to follow mostly on their own. You can get an expert health evaluation done, receive your personalized plan, and add on individual coaching sessions as needed to keep you moving forward.

Comprehensive coaching is for those looking for the best results, in-depth coaching, accountability, and support. These are hybrid programs including coaching in nutrition, fitness, mobility, behavior modification, and lifestyle integration. Don't forget: Those that are held accountable and feel supported are much more likely to stick with a plan. 


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The Executive Total Health Optimization System, or ETHOS, is our flagship program. It was developed for select individuals and tribes who are looking for the absolute best, long-lasting results through the use of health behavior modification, lifestyle and mindset coaching, nutrition, fitness, mobility, and rehab. 

Real health coaching requires expert knowledge and skills in all of these areas in order for clients to see real tangible results in body composition, strength, fitness, and performance both mentally and physically. Our professional accountability, support, and communication standards keep you moving forward and keep you feeling heard.

That way your goals are always the primary focus. ETHOS is for you.

ETHOS:One is our individual program. We also offer the ETHOS:Tribe program for teams, families, and friend groups. More information on that below.

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The ETHOS:Tribe program is for families, professional/executive teams, and friend groups looking to take on their health goals together. With a common bond and efforts, relationships grow stronger, families grow closer, working environments become more unified. 

ETHOS is named not only for the acronym it stands for, but the immense positive impact of a culture of health and strength within a group.

With the same benefits and procedures as ETHOS:One, but with reduced per person cost, it just makes sense to get others on board to change their lives. 

If you're interested in learning more about the ETHOS programs, click the button below.


Health Evaluations

Remote evaluation of primary health concerns and personal plan with Dr. Campbell. 

The focus of this 90-minute session is to discuss your primary health concerns, obstacles, and how to develop a plan for success.

Together we develop an in-depth and personalized 16-week blueprint to success to kickstart your health goals.


Health Strategy

Total Health Blueprint

Remote evaluation of comprehensive health factors and personal plan with Dr. Campbell. 

The focus of this 180-minute session is to discuss all aspects of health including fitness, nutrition, mobility, behaviors, lifestyle, stress, and mindset. We leave no stone unturned in this holistic session.

Together we develop an in-depth and personalized 24-week blueprint to success. 


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Online follow-up session for Health Strategy and Total Health Audit clients. 

This 45-minute session is completed via Zoom. We provide support and guidance as needed throughout your health process. We will discuss your progress, any struggles you're experiencing, how you can keep moving forward, and goal setting. 

We suggest setting up this session 1-2 times per month following your Health Strategy or Total Health Blueprint Session.


Telehealth Check-In

FRxCircle is our private client community and low-cost option for receiving coaching, exclusive content, and more.

There are a ton of benefits to joining the Circle, including 24-hour turnaround text based Q&A, weekly themed calls, discounts on FortitudeRx services, and more.

You can learn more about the Circle by clicking the button below. Currently in its beta phase, this price won't last for long.


FRxCircle Membership