When you're a FortitudeRx client, you're coached by a team. Our team approach is unique to this space and highly effective. In all sports, each player is coached by multiple people that specialize in different areas in order to maximize the athlete's success. Some will be focused on details, some on the big picture. Improving health, fitness, strength, body composition, and total mind/body resilience is no different. If you want to move, feel, and look like an athlete, it's time to get coached like one.

We have over 50 years combined experience in accomplishing our own health & fitness goals and 20 years of combined coaching experience. We pride ourselves on providing this team environment because it gives you greater support, more knowledge, and a whole lot more chances at success. When you enter our system, you will be paired with a primary coach based on your goals, needs, and personality. Let's meet the team!

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Tyler Campbell is the owner of FortitudeRx and a physical therapist, strength/nutrition coach, and health strategist. Tyler has been a health and fitness enthusiast for over 15 consistent years, developing high levels of strength and athleticism, as well as extensive knowledge in the theory and application of all fitness attributes.

Tyler is a licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy, NSCA Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist, and NCI Certified Nutrition Coach. He earned his Doctor of Physical Therapy degree at Augusta University and his Bachelor of Science in Human Performance & Exercise Science with a focus in Nutrition at the University of Alabama.

He is passionate about coaching others to achieve their true potential as humans both physically and mentally, helping people identify and overcome personal obstacles to success, and improving the healthcare system through preventative medicine to reduce pain and sickness.

Tyler is fiancé to Maggie, dog dad to Goose, competitive powerlifter, home chef and food lover, reading enthusiast, and a lifelong student.



Les Keyes is FortitudeRx's head strength coach and the mastermind behind the Les Keyes Strength System, which he has developed over years of practical application working with athletes remotely and in-person. He has helped hundreds of athletes ranging from children to masters, as well as beginner to elite lifters. Les has taken multiple already-elite lifters and developed them into world-level competitors.

Les has a passion for cultivating resilient mindsets in his athletes. This comes from developing his own elite strength and his 10+ years of experience helping competitive athletes achieve their goals. Before working with athletes in the weight room, he began his coaching career by offering private baseball lessons. Les spent 2 years in a clinic as a physical therapy aide, giving him an eye for developing programs with injury prevention in mind.

Whether you're a competitive powerlifter, recreational athlete, or weekend warrior, Les has the expertise to help you become the strongest version of yourself and exceed your goals, on or off the platform. 



Dr. Sippu Momin is a FortitudeRx Chronic Health Advisor and Health Coach serving the Birmingham area. 

Bio coming soon.

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Johnathan Oldham has been an athlete of coach Les Keyes for over five years and he has been a coach with Les Keyes Strength Systems for over a year, helping over 50 athletes crush their goals. Johnathan works full-time as a firefighter and paramedic, coaching athletes out of passion for the sport of powerlifting and other's growth and success.

With the grueling and strenuous scenarios that his full-time job presents, Johnathan prides himself on mental fortitude and not only instilling physical strength in his athletes, but making them mentally strong and confident to push their limits.

Johnathan is an elite level powerlifter, ranking Top 25 in the WRPF's 275 lb class. He found his love for weight training late in high school after growing up as a soccer player and place kicker. Johnathan found his love for powerlifting while playing collegiate rugby at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, where he was eager to put on size and strength to be competitive. Competing in his first powerlifting competition in 2013, he totaled 1,345 lbs. He has since competed in 10 meets, earning his most recent total at an enormous 2,022 lbs at just under 255 lbs bodyweight, squatting 849 lbs, benching 424 lbs, and deadlifting 749 lbs. 

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To forge resilient high-performance individuals, families, and teams by reimagining healthcare and implementing strategic evidence-based systems of health and athletic performance


Reimagine healthcare to promote disease prevention, self-efficacy, and accessibility

Deliver value-driven services in order to ensure client success and happiness

Foster family and team strength through shared efforts, encouragement, and accountability

Provide individualized and evidence-based holistic care with a consistent focus on the client's needs

Empower the community to embrace resilience and achieve their highest potential