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"We help busy and active adults, and high-performance athletes, overcome injury, transform their bodies, and become stronger than ever. All while avoiding time off, medications, injections, or surgery."

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Welcome to FortitudeRx! My name is Tyler Campbell. I am a Doctor of Physical Therapy, Strength & Conditioning Specialist, Nutrition Coach, and Mindset Coach. My team and I specialize in developing peak performance, ageless mobility, and unwavering physical and mental resilience in our clients and athletes ranging from total beginners to elite athletes across the lifespan.

At FortitudeRx, we're different than your usual coaches in the health and fitness space. No nonsense, no cookie cutting, no skirting around the issues. Our clients' results are the priority. That means when you become an athlete of ours, you become part of a team working towards one goal: Your Success.

Is it time to become the best version of yourself with the confident, capable, pain-free, and athletic body that you've been dreaming about for years?

Keep reading and find out how we can help you reach your goals ASAP!



Select a Service Below to Get Started or Learn More About FortitudeRx Rehab, Health & Fitness, or Performance Coaching

Physical Therapy, Athletic Rehab, & Wellness

Not your average physical therapy or athletic rehab. At FortitudeRx, you get ultra-premium service with guaranteed 1:1 treatment with a Doctor of Physical Therapy for your entire treatment session. Hybrid in-person and remote treatment to optimize your time and keep you on track to make progress you never thought possible.

Hands-on care that you deserve to get you back to feeling your best with the most efficient and science-backed methods available.

FortitudeRx delivers premium physical therapy and performance rehab/wellness in-person and online.

High-Performance Fitness & Health Coaching

Coming very soon, we will be offering our new comprehensive health & fitness system, fully reimagined to create world-class results in physique and health transformations through training, nutrition, mindset, mobility, and more.

Our specialized remote health and fitness coaching is designed to renew your confidence, skyrocket your energy, and make sure you keep your results for life.

Expert health and fitness coaching is being redefined.

If you want to join the waitlist, click on the button below and enter your information to be the first in line!

Elite Powerlifting & Strength Coaching

Headed by FortitudeRx's world-class powerlifting coach, Les Keyes, we provide elite strength coaching to competitive powerlifters and recreational lifters.

We provide comprehensive performance coaching in the areas of strength, nutrition, and rehab to our athletes to ensure they feel awesome during training and perform at their peak on the platform.

We have unique systems for all levels of lifters. Regardless of your age, size, gender, or experience, we have the knowledge and ability to get you stronger than ever. 

Join the team and start hitting new PRs!


To Performance, Health, & Resilience


Step One

Whether you need to reduce pain, improve performance, or lose weight, the first step in our process is the Discovery phase. Using the proven biopsychosocial model of health and fitness, we evaluate your goals, situation, movement, and more to find the underlying roadblocks to your success.

Our unique and comprehensive evaluation process looks beyond the usual healthcare assessment. We give this important stage the time and attention you deserve to make sure we uncover root cause of your problem.




Step Two

In this stage, we focus our efforts on restoring your health, mobility, pain free movement, and performance baseline to get you feeling better and more confident in the process. This is a unique-to-you process that cannot be described without knowing your specific needs.

We’ll implement a treatment plan that will be tailored specifically to you and your goals. This will ultimately allow us to get you stronger, pain-free, and on track to reach your goals more effectively and efficiently. 




Step Three

One of the biggest frustrations people have in health, fitness, rehab, or performance is losing what they've gained, sliding back to their starting point. Resilience is defined as our ability to withstand or recover quickly from difficulties. Without this stage, an injury or illness can put you back on the sidelines and keep you there.

This stage allows us to reduce the impact and spring back quicker by fixing the underlying issues and raising your baseline mobility, strength, and overall health. We do this in our resilience stage by aiming our efforts towards improving your adaptive capacity. This is where the hard work comes in! But don't worry, it's done in a realistic, sustainable fashion.



Step Four

The Momentum stage is an ever-evolving process to ensure that you are developing and maintaining the priorities, routines, and standards that support your goals to their fullest potential. 

Once we've solidified your new foundation of health and fitness, we begin to build Momentum by stacking small wins constantly. We create a flywheel of efforts that is implemented in a stair-step pattern to avoid overwhelm and maximize sustainable results and confidence in the process.

Building Momentum allows us to fit everything into your life simply and effectively to keep you improving for life!



"I really appreciate you taking me on as a client and I will absolutely be recommending you to everyone I know… I’m not aware of anyone else actually applying this much detailed effort to their profession"
- Rehab Client

"I don't know how many different doctors and PTs I have worked with or asked to help with my knees. It's literally been an issue since 2014 and you are the first person to provide ANY actual relief."
- Rehab Client

"I very much appreciate what we've accomplished together… You got me out of a huge slump that had lasted years. I am 25 lbs down, maintaining this weight loss... have made good diet changes that are lasting, and I’m in better shape. I had to go out and buy new jeans as I’m 2 waist sizes down."
- Fitness Coaching Client

"I've tried so much before this and nothing worked until I started working with you. I wish I knew this was an option sooner"
- Rehab Client

"I’ve been recommending you to everyone I know…I believe the services you are providing are the best option available and I am very grateful to be a client"
- Rehab Client

"What can I say, this [powerlifting] meet would have never happened if you had not helped put me back together time and time again, when I had injury after injury. Back. Hip. Elbow. Shoulder. I am so thankful I found you and was able to successfully rehab everything without surgery or steroid shots!"
- Powerlifting & Rehab Client

"Legitimately the best coaching staff in America"
- Powerlifting Client


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